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Announcing V-ROX 2016 programme, which will be held in Vladivostok on August 19-21

August 11, 11:37

The fourth edition of international music festival V-ROX will be held on August 19-21 in Vladivostok at the Sports Harbor Embankment. The detailed events is now published on the official festival website Entry to all day-time concerts, lectures and discussions is free of charge.

More than 150 bands, musicians, DJs and representatives of the music industry from 11 countries will be coming to V-ROX. This years headliners are TsuShiMaMiRe (Japan), Zodiac (Latvia), Joel Sarakula (Australia), Burn the Ballroom (USA) and Nisvanis (Mongolia). See the full list of participants

V-ROX is a big city music creative festival and an international conference in the sphere of the music industry and modern cultural management. During the three days, concerts, lectures and discussions will be held in Vladivostok. The main venues of the festival will be on the «Sun» and «Star» decks, a unique double stage will be positioned on the main city beachfront. Moreover, live concerts and DJ-sets will take part in Mumiy Troll Music Bar, Druzhba bar, Paulaner restaurant, Chkalov bar, RA, Contrabanda and Ozzy Bar.

Educational programme with lectures and discussions is one of the main parts of Vladivostok Rocks. This year it will be held on the third floor of «Ocean IMAX» cinema. The director of Music from Okinawa project Ryuji Noda, the film and TV producer Igor Mishin, the professor of UCLA and the author of the music website Far from Moscow David MacFadyen, the head of the international department at Midi Productions Yang Yu and many others are among speakers. In order to take part guests are required to register.

This year V-ROX also invites all residents and guests of Vladivostok to attend V-ROX Cinema and see screenings of movies from around the world and an exclusive premiere of first ever ‘Rockumentary’ «Vladivostok Vacation» which was premiered at Cannes Film Festival 2016. A special exhibition of aboriginal art of Australia in Arseniev museum is open to all public.

This year V-ROX has added a special ‘stay healthy’ programme. All festival guests will have a chance to take part in different types of sports such as beach rugby, beach volleyball, cross-fit, cheerleading, morning yoga classes and participate in a race together with RunDNSRun club.

Registration for V-ROX 2016 Educational Program is open (SCHEDULE)

August 5, 15:22
David MacFadyen, chair and professor of Slavic languages and literatures, created and maintains the website “Far from Moscow.” The site gathers music by artists throughout Eastern Europe, including not only Russia but also the Baltic nations, Belarus and Ukraine.

The educational program — an integral part of the V-ROX festival ( — will be held at the site of the «Ocean IMAX» cinema on the 19-20th August. This year the program includes people connected not only with music but with education, business, world culture as a whole. You need to register in order to have a conversation with the speakers.

The director of the project Music from Okinawa Ryuji Noda, the film and TV producer Igor Mishin, the professor of UCLA and the author of the music website Far from Moscow David MacFadyen, the head of the international department at Midi Productions Yang Yu and many others are among the speakers. The course «Strength and Balance» from the leader of the yoga club «Aquarian Age» Feliks Pak will be an individual accent of the program.

V-ROX educational program’s schedule

August 19 (Friday)

Wood planking near the big fountain (Sports Harbor Embankment)

11:00-13:00 Yoga program «Strength and Balance» held by the leader of the yoga club «Aquarian Age» Feliks Pak. The peace of mind under the high load is the peculiarity of the methods «Strength and Balance». The course consists of strength building dynamic exercises, static asanas, complexes of pranayamas and energetic kriyas.

«Ocean IMAX» cinema, 3rd floor (Naberezhnaya St. 3)

12:00-13:00 «The сhallenges facing Russian bands on the Western market». The speaker is the professor of UCLA and the author of the music website Far from Moscow David MacFadyen (USA).

13:00-14:00 «Producer as an occupation. Why and what for». The speaker is the film and TV producer Igor Mishin (Moscow); films «Silent Souls»/«Ovsyanki», «Orlean», «Love with accent», TV series «Adulteries», «Policeman from Rublevka», TV show «Dances»).

14:00-15:00 «The future of the Far East. About evolving China/Russia relationship, economic changes on both sides of border, and how it impacts urbanism and cities?». The speaker is the writer and journalist Jacob Dryer (China).

15:00-16:00 «Secrets and difficulties of the European music market». The speaker is Martin Crama (Netherlands).

August 20 (Saturday)

«Ocean IMAX» cinema, 3rd floor (Naberezhnaya St. 3)

12:00-13:00 «Education in Australia – boundless opportunities». The speaker is the honorary consul of Australia in Vladivostok Vladimir Gorokhov (Russia).

13:00-14:00 «Rock music in China: tours, concerts and festivals. The experience of Russian groups in China». The speakers are the head of the international department of Midi Productions Yang Yu (China), the producer Pavel Lopatin (Vladivostok), the leader of the band Starcardigan Ivan Sosnovtsev (Vladivostok).

14:00-15:00 «Mysterious and charming Japanese Okinawa. The music of a unique region». The speaker is the director of the project «Music from Okinawa» Ruiji Noda (Japan).

International music festival V-ROX 2016: A Space Odyssey on August 19-21, Vladivostok

August 3, 17:01

V-ROX — the main festival of the Free Port of Vladivostok and the biggest international music festival and creative conference, founded and curated by Ilya Lagutenko (Frontman of “Mumiy Troll” band) will be held for the fourth time 19-21st August at its usual home of Sports Harbor Embankment.

The festival slogan for this year is «People. Art. Cosmos». More than 150 musicians, DJs and representatives of the music industry collectively from 11 countries will be coming to V-ROX. The headliners for this year are TsuShiMaMiRe (Japan), Zodiac (Latvia), Joel Sarakula (Australia), Burn the Ballroom (USA) and Nisvanis (Mongolia).

All festival goers and guests have the chance to see artists perform over the course of three days on a specially built double stage «Sunny» and «Star» ‘decks’. Friday will become the Cosmos Day, Saturday – the international music Arts Day, and Sunday will be completely devoted to the People of the Far East.

Ilya Lagutenko, festival curator: «V-ROX festival started from a desire to make the city of Vladivostok the center of attraction of music tendencies in the Asia-Pacific region. We wanted to build a base for cultural exchange of ideas between Russian Far Eastern musicians and foreign neighbours and give them a chance to meet and communicate with each other. For the last four years the music program has proved its unique cool aspect, the festival is known and is well respected beyond Primorye region, but the most important point is that we have kept our audience and its growing even more, too. Considering past experience and wishes, this year we made a special day dedicated to the local performers, we are continuing to develop our cinema program, added master classes about healthy living and sporting invents. I understand that for any festival goer it is easy to get lost in the flow of numerous summer events, and we cannot capture «each and everybody» in one moment but building a new cultural platform is a long and diligent process but I still believe that every year more and more people who were «passing by» the festival venues have now become truly big fans of the event».

V-ROX is a unique opportunity for young Russian performers, international artists and producers to show their works and projects not only to new audience but also to leading international professionals. Artists were able to submit their applications via the festival website from January to May.

During April and May the best representatives of the Vladivostok’s music scene took part in «Battle for V-ROX» project in which young talented artists Pill Couple won the right to perform on the main stage of the festival. Other projects such as «Flying to the East» where held in partnership with Mumiy Troll Music Bar Moscow, winner was determined via public vote. Parks, Squares and Alleys won by a majority of votes and got the chance to fly out to Vladivostok. The band will be performing on the second day of the festival on the big stage and will also bring joy to the city residents during the club program.

For the first time ever most talented young musician aged 14-17 have the chance to perform on the big stage this summer, most promising and talented acts were selected via special festival project «Juniors V-ROX». Young groups Lightness and Dve Chetverti got the chance to prove them selves and show what they are capable of.

V-ROX 2016 day program will be held on the main city waterfront – Sports Harbour Embankment and free of charge. Over the course of three days the main stages will hold various programs across two stages «Star» and the «Sunny» decks – Friday, August 19th – Cosmos Day; Saturday, August 20th – International Artists Day and Sunday, August 21st – Vladivostok Citizen Day.

The festival night program will be located in the surrounding area of Pogranichnaya Street. All clubs are within walking distance of each other and musical genres will vary from heavy metal to experimental electronic music. There will be a chance to see the main stage artists and also other acts, who will be welcomed to Vladivostok. Some events will have entry fee exept for fesival delegates.

Live concerts and DJ-sets will be held in Mumiy Troll Music Bar, Paulaner restaurant, Druzhba bar, Contrabanda bar, Ozzy Bar, Chkalov bar and RA bar. Pre-festival party will be held on Thursday, August 18th at 21:00 in Mumiy Troll Music Bar with special performances from Burn the Ballroom (acoustic), special guest La Vtornik and Dutch guests IX. Festival after-party will be held in Druzhba bar and Mumiy troll Music Bar simultaneously on the night of August 21 and promises to be a great fun night.

Festival Lectures and discussions, are an integral part of «Vladivostok Rock» and will be held at «Ocean IMAX» cinema. This year the program includes people connected not only with music but also with education, business, and world culture as a whole.

V-ROX will welcome many guests such director of Music from Okinawa project Ryuji Noda, film and TV producer Igor Mishin, professor of UCLA and the author of the music website Far from Moscow David MacFadyen, head of the international department at Midi Productions Yang Yu and many others.

There will also be an chance to take part in a healthy living course «Strength and Balance» from the leading yoga club «Aquarian Age» and its talented coach Feliks Pak. This special program will be held at in front of Aquarium Restaurant (Batareinaya St. 4) in the morning on 19th of August.

During the festival the residents and guests of Vladivostok will have the chance to see an exhibition of aboriginal art of Australia in Arseniev museum. There will be a chance for everyone to familiarize themselves with different art works shown in the National museum of Australia. The exhibition will be available to see until 15th of September 2016.

This year V-ROX Cinema will be located at the recently re-branded OCEAN IMAX cinema. Film screenings will include films from France and Australia. The festival will also welcome the premiere of the Mumiy Troll’s most anticipated ‘rockumentary’ film of the year – ‘Vladivostok Vacation’, which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2016.

During the festival days, across from the main stages a festival market will be put up in support from CreativeSpot. V-ROX Festival Market is a great opportunity for creative businesses. Here you can introduce your creativity to a wider audiences, test your business model “for strengths”, and, of course, show the potential of Vladivostok creativity to local Russians and foreign guests of the festival. Any project is welcome to take part, regardless of its form.

During the festival with the support of our long-term partner VVO Project – there will be a designated food court, where guests can enjoy far-eastern authentic delicacies and signature drinks.

Besides morning yoga classes, this year festival goers will have the chance to participate in a city race together with RunDNSRun club, which will take place on the 19th of August, play rugby and beach volleyball throughout the festival days and see performances of professional cheerleaders.

V-ROX 2016 is supported by Vladivostok city administration, AZIMUT hotel chain in Vladivostok, OJSC «KARAT», VVO PROJECT, COLISIUM Music Week, Consulate General of the USA in Vladivostok, Australian Embassy in the Russian Federation, Israeli embassy in Russia, «Illuzion» cinema chain and Arseniev state museum of Primorsky Krai.

«MTV Russia» TV channel, state news agency TASS,, «Vladivostok FM» radio station, media project DV.LAND, «Prim24» TV channel, Welcome magazine.

Besides the local media, V-ROX 2016 has invited representatives of the leading mass media from Great Britain, China, Korea, USA, France and Australia.


Vladivostok! Take part in International Busking Day

July 21, 15:01
IBD feature box

V-ROX invites Vladivostok musicians to take part in International Busking Day. The participation requires the presentation of Vladivostok on the map on July, 23 (Saturday), the map will be shown in Trafalgar Square in London.

This year International Busking Day is held on 200 sites around the world. Bands and performers will play in city streets, beaches, parks and subways of six continents. Trafalgar Square will be the main location supported by Gibson Guitars and world mass media. The V-ROX organizing committee drew Vladivostok to this event, too!

If you wish to take part in the festival, you need to print the logo and take a picture of your band playing in the street or any other open public space and post it in social media on July, 23. The logo must be in picture, too. You also need to use hashtags #InternationalBuskingDay #vrox #vladivostok and tag user account @buskinlondon.

The International Busking Day’s organizers will print and add pictures to the giant music world map in Trafalgar Square, as soon as they see the pictures in the news feed.

Vladivostok has already been marked on the map! Let’s support our city together and take part in the festival!


Flying to the East! The choice of guests of «Mumiy Troll Music Bar Moscow» is Parks, Squares and Alleys

July 18, 15:50

The audience chose the band Parks, Squares and Alleys as the result of the elimination tours of V-ROX which were held through June in «Mumiy Troll Music Bar Moscow». The guys are going to Vladivostok to perform at the main stage of the international music festival on August, 19-21. Our congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to all the musicians for the their submission, this year in Moscow more than 50 applications from performers and groups came to the elimination rounds.

Following the results of visitors of the bar, the band Parks, Squares and Alleys took the first place and won the possibility to perform at the annual V-ROX festival in Vladivostok. Radio Kamerger and Hospital shared the second place with a minimal gap. The groups will get special prizes from «Mumiy Troll Music Bar Moscow».

We are flying together right from «Mumiy Troll Music Bar Moscow» to the main festival of the free port!

V-ROX: on the way to the Main festival stage

July 17, 14:49

On Sunday, July, 10, Primorye’s talented youth performed at the site of Amphitheatre on Sportivnaya Gavan within the V-ROX festival’s elimination rounds. The main project’s aim was to give a possibility to children aged 10-17 to perform at a big stage, to show their talents and ambitions.

The real rock atmosphere prevailed at the site, in spite of the participants’ young age. Six bands from Primorsky region took part in the concert. Artistic directors were allowed to help young musicians. Most of the groups had never performed before. Generally their repertoire consisted of famous foreign bands songs’ covers, though some of them performed their own pieces.

The participants included Lightness band who played melodious but at the same time energetic blues rock, a bit heavier to compare with music of the legends of the sixties. Qwerty played unobtrusive light rock, they are the growing generation of musicians from pop department of children’s music school №3. HOKSS (Rus — «ХОКСС») are the most experienced participants, the band had already performed in some Vladivostok schools and in BSB CLUB, Chkalov Bar, Bonnie & Clyde Club.

Dve Chetverti (Rus — «Две Четверти») showed their good music taste in choosing covers of famous rock songs. Kashmir is the band’s tribute to the monsters of rock-n-roll of the seventies — Led Zeppelin. Classic rock is always relevant. Rest Day are at the very beginning of their way to rock-n-roll.

The organizers faced a very difficult choice. Only two bands will take part in the festival and perform at the Main stage of V-ROX on August, 21. Dve Chetverti and Lightness became the winners of «Juniors of V-Rox».
We are expecting the Juniors of V-Rox at the Main stage of the festival!

One of the best Japanese girls bands TsuShiMaMiRe will be the headliner of V-ROX

July 8, 11:32

Japanese alternative girls rock trio TsuShiMaMiRe will be the headliner of V-ROX 2016. The band exists since 1999 and plays electropunk, free jazz, ska and funk, mixed with pop instrumental sounds and peculiar, provoking lyrics.

TsuShiMaMiRe are one of those who became famous thanks to South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas, and to performances at anime conventions together with the Suicide Girls, and to Japanese Benten Label’s “Japan Girls Nite” tours.

In 2007 American magazine Shojo beat choose TsuShiMaMiRe as Best Girls Japanese Band. In to 2010 the band started their own label Mojor Records.

TsuShiMaMiRe’s music is very emotional, their performances fascinate. This trio is definitely one of the best who play live in Japan and one of the most powerful Japanese girls bands. It’s worth mentioning that the band’s membership has never changed for 17 years of its existence.

Find out more about the participant