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Vladivostok! Take part in International Busking Day

July 21, 15:01
IBD feature box

V-ROX invites Vladivostok musicians to take part in International Busking Day. The participation requires the presentation of Vladivostok on the map on July, 23 (Saturday), the map will be shown in Trafalgar Square in London.

This year International Busking Day is held on 200 sites around the world. Bands and performers will play in city streets, beaches, parks and subways of six continents. Trafalgar Square will be the main location supported by Gibson Guitars and world mass media. The V-ROX organizing committee drew Vladivostok to this event, too!

If you wish to take part in the festival, you need to print the logo and take a picture of your band playing in the street or any other open public space and post it in social media on July, 23. The logo must be in picture, too. You also need to use hashtags #InternationalBuskingDay #vrox #vladivostok and tag user account @buskinlondon.

The International Busking Day’s organizers will print and add pictures to the giant music world map in Trafalgar Square, as soon as they see the pictures in the news feed.

Vladivostok has already been marked on the map! Let’s support our city together and take part in the festival!