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V-ROX Festival 2016: Recap

August 24, 12:27
V-ROX 2016, фото Василисы Вакиловой (V-ROX)

The Fourth International Music Festival in Vladivostok, V-ROX 2016, has just finished and it’s time to recap on what took place. From 19 to 21 August, the Sports Harbour Embankment became a concert space which housed the “Solar” and “Stellar” deck-stages —  the spaceport from where music from a variety of genres virtually poured to the sky.

Around 150 participants from 12 countries arrived in the seaside capital to perform at V-ROX. The motto of the festival was: People / Art / Cosmos. The first day was dedicated to all things cosmic – with the group Zodiac (Latvia), – legends of Soviet synth-pop, centre stage. The second day was devoted to art, and it was the most diverse day – featuring headliners like Burn The Ballroom (USA), Nisvanis (Mongolia) and Joel Sarakula (Australia). The third day was devoted to Far Eastern bands as well as to the winners of the qualifying rounds of the “V-ROX Juniors”. We are glad that the V-Rox audience were happy to brave the rain and came in droves to support their favourite musicians. Every year V-ROX becomes an experiment that gains in strength and momentum.

This year, we particularly want to acknowledge the tremendous support we received from the audience – you are the real heroes! Once again you were exposed to new music and discovered interesting new groups; you collected autographs – and all of this in spite of some very inclement weather. You showed special warmth towards Shtuby (Israel), IX (Netherlands), Laybricks (South Korea), Joel Sarakula (Australia), Burn The Ballroom (USA), Residence A and Dream Spirit from China, as well as to many other members of the V-ROX lineup.

The festival audience this year numbered around 50 thousand people – with the heavy rain on Day 3 only putting a small dent in attendance numbers. Thanks to the Internet broadcast, the “V-Rox Space Odyssey» was seen by audiences all over Russia as well as by audiences in many other countries around the globe.

Ilya Lagutenko, curator of the V-ROX festival: «The most important thing is that the V-ROX team is now being supplemented by local enthusiasts who give us great support – and not only in technical aspects. Together, we have managed to establish a dialogue with the V-ROX audience that enables us to not only push out the boundaries when choosing the artists, but also to include more activities in the programme. At times it increased the number of club sites wishing to participate in the festival. We got stages for the Far Eastern musicians and juniors. I am very grateful to all the like-minded people who dedicated their time and effort towards the organisation of the festival, and to all the spectators who shared this weekend with us».

Within the three days of V-ROX there was also a film programme, as well as educational and sports programmes. In conjunction with the cross-country club – RDR, delegates at the festival were able to participate in the musical race «Run, V-ROX, run!». Citizens and guests of Vladivostok were also able to learn about a host of diverse topics such as the fortunes of Russian bands in China, about the profession of music production and the state of the Western music market. Visitors also saw the premiere of the phantasmagoria «SOS sailor!» and an exhibition of Aboriginal art. The opportunity to attend the yoga course “Strength and Balance”, and to receive training in beach rugby and volleyball were also on offer. The Food Square and V-ROX market were located near to the main events.

V-ROX says a big thank you to all our partners who helped this year’s festival take place – the Vladivostok Administration, the Azimut hotel chains, network of “Illusion” cinema, VVO Projects network of clubs and restaurants, music conference Colisium, the Embassies of Australia, France and Israel, the US Consulate General in Vladivostok, Primorsky museum of Arsenyev, the company “Rostelecom” and club sites – «Mumiy Troll Music Bar», Paulaner Bräuhaus, «Druzhba», Ra, Ozzy Bar and «Contraband”.

We also thank our media partners – “MTV Russia”, TASS, media project about the Russian Far East – DV.Land, media holding and Primamedia.Today project and radio “Vladivostok FM,” the magazine “Welcome Vladivostok” and music channel “Prim24 “.

We would like to remind you that you can see all the pictures from V-ROX 2016 in the official festival group at “VKontakte” and in the TASS photobank.

See you in August 2017 in Vladivostok! WE V-ROX YOU!

Photo: Vasilisa Vakilova, Catherine Samsara, Dmitri Efremov, Sergey Orlov

Internet-broadcasting of the concerts V-ROX 2016

August 19, 13:46
V-ROX promo 2016 (2)

V-ROX gives a unique opportunity to see and to listen to concert performances of the festival participants on air of the Internet-broadcasting to the audience and fans of Vladivostok Rocks, who could not come to Vladivostok. On August 19-21 on a special Youtube channel «V-ROX online» viewers will be able to watch concerts at the main stages of the festival, the «Sun» and the «Star» decks.

Broadcasting schedule:

Friday, August 19 — from 19:00 to 22:00 (Vladivostok time) or from 12:00 to 15:00 (Moscow time);
Saturday, August 20 — from 14:30 to 23:00 (Vladivostok time) or from 07:30 to 16:00 (Moscow time);
Sunday, August 21 — from 15:00 to 20:00 (Vladivostok time) or from 08:00 to 13:00 (Moscow time).

Concert program

By request an extra showing of «Vladivostok Vacation» is announced on August 19

August 19, 08:06

The «rockumentary» musical phantasmagoria «Vladivostok Vacation» from the band Mumiy Troll will have an extra showing on August 19 (Friday) at 19:30, tickets are available. The showing will take place by request of the audience within the film program of the international music festival V-ROX 2016.

Vladivostok Vacation

Russia-USA, 2016, 47 min. Genre: musical feature-documentary drama-comedy. Director: Danny Drysdale. Script: Ilya Lagutenko, Danny Drysdale. Producer: Ilya Lagutenko. Graphics: Andrey Kasay. Music: Mumiy Troll. Starring: Ilya Lagutenko, Yury Lozhechnik, Oleg Pungin, Yury Tsaler, Evgeny Zvidenniy, Yury Tsaler, Grigoriy Romanov.

Possibly one of the first-ever “rockumentary” movies of its kind in a musical phantasmagoria genre, “VV is a rock ‘n’ roll rampage in the tradition of The Beatles «Help!» and «Spinal Tap». But all the action takes place on board a sailing ship navigating the high seas – in an imaginary world where the Yellow Submarine finally meets with Battleship Potyomkin.

It all begins in the port of Vladivostok, Russia. Ilya, a local musician, decides that his band has achieved all the success it can in its hometown and dreams of international recognition – especially, winning a “Grammy”. His fate changes when he meets the captain of a sailing ship who offers the musician and his band free passage. Soon, Ilya and his bandmates – Oleg, Yuri and Eugene, embark on a voyage around the world. The sailing route is simple: “to visit places where people love rock ‘n’ roll!”.

Today V-ROX 2016 starts in Vladivostok! Let’s go!

August 19, 07:51

The fourth international music festival V-ROX starts today in Vladivostok at Sports Harbor Embankment. The detailed event program is published for all citizens, guests and delegates of the festival. The entrance to the day-time concerts, lectures and discussions will be free.

More than 150 bands, musicians, DJs and representatives of the music industry from 12 countries all over the world came to the main festival of the free port. The headliners are TsuShiMaMiRe (Japan), Zodiac (Latvia), Joel Sarakula (Australia), Burn the Ballroom (USA) and Nisvanis (Mongolia). See the full list of participants

The main venues of the festival will be on the «Sun» and «Star» decks. Moreover, live concerts and DJ-sets will take part in Mumiy Troll Music Bar, Druzhba bar, Paulaner restaurant, Chkalov bar, RA, Contrabanda and Ozzy Bar. The first concerts took place yesterday, on August 18.

Educational program with lectures and discussions is one of the main parts of Vladivostok Rocks. This year it is held on the third floor of «Ocean IMAX» cinema on August 19-20. The director of Music from Okinawa project Ryuji Noda, the film and TV producer Igor Mishin, the professor of UCLA and the author of the music website Far from Moscow David MacFadyen, the head of the international department at Midi Productions Yang Yu and many others are among speakers.

This year V-ROX also invites all residents and guests of Vladivostok to attend V-ROX Cinema and see screenings of movies with an exclusive premiere of first ever ‘Rockumentary’ «Vladivostok Vacation», the exhibition of Aboriginal art of Australia in Arseniev museum and the sport part of the festival at Sports Harbor Embankment. Besides morning yoga classes, the festival guests will have a chance to take part in a race with the club RunDNSRus, play rugby, beach volleyball and see performances of professional cheerleaders.

The festival sends its love to Liza Monetochka and wishes her the soonest recovery

August 18, 19:53

The V-ROX organizing committee informs that this year Liza Monetochka will not be able to take part in the program of the festival in Vladivostok. By health reasons, the Ural schoolgirl had to get off the plane in Novosobirsk and return home to Ekaterinburg. We send our love to Monetochka and wish her the soonest recovery, and expect her at the festival in 2017!

We remind that Liza became famous all over Russia thanks to her simple and naïve songs about friends-classmates, Gosha Rubchinsky and the Internet, which rapidly made her famous and made twice older people argue about Monetochka’s songs. For few days the girl blew the Internet away with her songs that she posted in social media. She is called nearly the main sensation of 2016.

*The line-up of the festival will be changed, follow the program updates on the web-site.

The club program of V-ROX 2016 starts today in Mumiy Troll Music Bar

August 18, 09:10
La Vtornik

The music program of V-ROX, held in night clubs and bars of Vladivostok, starts today, on August 18 at 21:00. Adriel & Tuomas (from Burn the Ballroom, USA), the band La Vtornik (Moscow, Russia) and the project IX (Netherlands) will perform at Mumiy Troll Music Bar’s venue. It will be the only performance of La Vtornik within V-ROX, so the audience has the opportunity to listen to them only on August 18.

Burn the Ballroom (USA) is the rock project from Northern Virginia, which will be introduced at V-ROX with the support of the U.S Consulate General in Vladivostok. The musicians performed at the same staged with My Chemical Romance, The Ataris, The Misfits, The All-American Rejects, We The Kings, Metro Station and other groups. Burn The Ballroom have already had tours in Thailand, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Japan, France, England, Puerto Rico, and also numerous concerts in their motherland, in the USA. The musicians were also the participants of the festivals Vans Warped Tour and SXSW.

La Vtornik (Russia, Moscow) is one of the best new Russian light-pop bands who came out of the blue with the album «Танцуй» («Dance»). They play charming Moscow pop with sensitive dancing vibe and ironic texts in native Russian. They have already managed to visit the better part of Russian cities and to perform at the main venues of St. Petersburg and Moscow. You will meet such boys-next-door, who are easy to be imagined both at the next table in your favourite bar and in the covered with kisses poster above the bed.

The project IX (Netherlands) is founded by gifted Marnix Dorrestein from Amsterdam. His tracks are full of the extraordinary interaction: they breathe the melancholy of sixties pop, but are wrapped in fresh, modern productions, based on African styles, R&B, synthpop and electronic music.

The yoga program «Strength and Balance» will be held near the big fountain of Sports Harbor Embankment

August 18, 00:15

Feliks Pak’s yoga program «Strength and Balance» will take place on August 19 from 11:00 to 13:00 at the wood planking near the big fountain at Sports Harbor Embankment. You need to register at the educational program of V-ROX 2016 in order to participate in it. It is recommended to take a mat, sports uniform and water, a pen and a notebook at your pleasure.

The peace of mind under the high load is the peculiarity of the methods «Strength and Balance». The course principles are based on the ancient text of the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. The course consists of strength building dynamic exercises, static asanas, complexes of pranayamas and energetic kriyas connected into successions to develop the skills of the optimization of all the body systems under the heavy load without vital resources loss. These skills are essential not only for surfing but for yoga practice which includes work with special concentration and endurance of nervous system.

«Strength and Balance»’s classes develop body quickly, strengthen locomotor system, intensify attention, help to feel better the inner balance and the ability to turn fast from work with heavy load to relaxation. The successions of system’s exercises directionally stimulate muscles, internal organs and lead them to a new level of endurance, normalize blood circulation, clean energetic channels, build the work of endocrine and nervous systems, teach the mind to stay calm at an oxygen lack and at a high level of carbon dioxide in blood.

Feliks Pak is a yoga teacher, a surfer, the leader of the yoga club «Aquarian Age», the president of the company «Reborn», the founder of the first Russian surfing school, the president of the Russian Federation of Surfing (2009 – 2013). He studied at yoga school of Swami Sivanada, yoga courses of Daniel Strausser, Yogic Sukshma Vyayama of Reinhard Gammenthaler, traditions of Dhirendra Brahmachari, school of Yogi Bhajan, got the initiation to kriya of Mahavatar Babaji. He finished the teachers’ course of Moscow yoga school. Feliks Pak is also the author of the tutorial course «Strength and Balance».