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МTV Russia is an entertainment and music channel, started its broadcasting with the song «Vladivostok 2000» in 1998.

The V-ROX’s challenges completely coincide with the ones of «MTV Russia», they are to be in the permanent pursuit of new heroes who create high-quality music. An influential producer and high-budget music videos are not necessary to get to the channel’s airtime.



TASS is the state news agency of Russia, the integral part of the world media system. It was founded in 1904. Over a thousand of employees in more than 60 foreign and 70 regional centers provide TASS’s work in the real-time.

TASS outputs a range of various informational and audio-visual products and services on social and political, economic, international, scientific, cultural, sport and other themes in Russian and English.

TASS is an active and authoritative member of world and regional media organizations, it supports partnership with more than 60 information agencies of the world. TASS: we know!



PrimaMedia is a large media holding company, which includes departments in the Far East and Eastern Siberia.

The agency was created in 2005 and became the leader in the information field of Primorsky Krai in just two years. From 2011 and to the present day PrimaMedia extends the geography of its presence with opening new departments annually and outstepping the Far East and Eastern Siberia.



«Vladivostok FM» is the truly Primorye’s radio station where you can hear songs reflecting the rhythm and dynamics of contemporary Primorye and where they touch on the themes referring to every resident of our region.

«Vladivostok FM» always has bright memorable promotional offers and high-quality exclusive program content. On our air you will hear the program «The history of our region» containing interesting facts from Primorye’s history (spoken by famous Boris Repetur).

Every day, every hour the 30 minutes of music sound on air without advertisements, throughout the summer from evening till the very morning everybody also has a chance to enjoy «Dances by the sea» program in the style of Eurodance. Join our city’s radio on the wave 106.4 FM!



PrimaMedia Today includes all entertainments in Vladivostok, people and events, new places and tendencies in the city’s life. Cinema, opera, theatre, journeys, fashion, style, food and healthy life — this is all PrimaMedia.Today. Your everyday city online magazine!



DV LAND is the information and business media project of TASS, devoted to the Russian Far East. We create the new information space of the region, tell about business and technologies, society and traditions, spaces and journeys. Know better!



Welcome.Vladivostok is the city magazine of Vladivostok, which includes interesting facts, places, places, opinions. It is the guide to the most relevant events in the entertainment, sport and business life of the city. Published in three languages: Russian, English and Chinese. It is the magazine being read aloft, ashore and afloat. We write about the city by the sea



PRIM24 is the regional music channel which broadcasts the most popular music videos of Russian and foreign performers twenty-four seven. It is also a text message chat available at any time of day and night, an easy way to make new true friends.

PRIM24 has a music «order board», so beloved by TV audience. Right here young performers are successfully mixed with worldwide stars. PRIM24 is a perfect way to have a good time without living home.