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Igor Mishin

Russia, Moscow
Игорь Мишин

Igor Mishin is a film and TV producer, DJ. He is the founder of the media holding company «Четвёртый канал» (the Fourth Channel) in Ekaterinburg, the chief executive officer of the film company AMEDIA (years 2006-2007), the founder of the multimedia project А-ONE HIP-HOP MUSIC CHANNEL, the chief executive officer of «ТНТ» (TNT) TV-channel, the vice-president of the Russian Television Academy, an independent producer.

As the producer he participated in the creation of such TV and feature films and TV series as «Овсянки», «Любовь с акцентом», «Орлеан», «Измены», «Родина», «Полицейский с Рублевки», «Остров», “Чернобыль» (Silent Souls, Love with accent, Orlean, Adulteries, Homeland, Policeman from Rublevka, Ostrov, Chernobyl), ZKD, «Пьяная фирма» (The Drunken firm), show «Dances».