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Yang Yu


Yang Yu – Head of International at Midi Productions – China. He conducts international exchange projects and arranges booking matters for Midi Music Festival on oversea artists. Yang Yu’s foot prints in the music industry began in early 1990s when he decided to publish an undergound rock magazine in Germany which also led to series of live shows and the birth of a record label.

After graduation he returned to Beijing and soon co-founded the leading Chinese metal periodical Painkiller Magazine and the wiki about Chinese Rock: He conducted live music productions for Goethe Institut, operated spot light for Eagles, functioned as production manager for Kama Love Festival, worked as production translator for Metallica, arranged the Hamburg show for Dadawa …

During the last 15 years, he participated on many music projects, helped overseas bands on their China tours, assisted Chinese bands to go aboard. Joining forces with Midi took his work in music business into new heights with new challenges and possibilities. His focus now is ever more to bring east and west together more closely.