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“IX, according to many one of 
 The Netherlands’ best kept secrets, 
 is wayward of conventions as well. 
 The mastermind behind IX is 
 prodigy Marnix Dorrestein 
 from Amsterdam. 
 His tracks harbor an 
 extraordinary interaction:
 they breathe the 
 melancholy of sixties 
 pop, but are wrapped 
 in fresh, modern day
 productions that are 
 loosely based on 
 African styles, R&B, 
 synthpop and 
 electronic music.” 
– Rotown | 2016 

“We’ve been transferred from DB’s, in the wet and windy Netherlands, to sunnier spheres. Extremely danceable, accessible and with a considerable amount of hit potential that takes on a 
 tangible form live.” 
 – Festival Le Guess Who, 3voor12 | 2015

IX is Marnix Dorrestein, a musical centipede whose talents seem unlimited. Marnix is a composer, producer, guitarist, poet, arranger, singer, 
drummer, thumb pianist and much more. His solo project IX bundles all of Marnix’ strengths.

The music as heard on his recently released IXtape displays an immense amount of love and knowledge of pop music from the sixties, seventies and eighties. A partly electronic instrumentation, exotic influences and the personal taste of the craftsman ensure, though, that IX sounds futuristic rather than nostalgic.


IX (EP) 02-2015
IXTAPE (Mixtape) 11-2015