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V-ROX Festival 2016: Recap

August 24, 12:27
V-ROX 2016, фото Василисы Вакиловой (V-ROX)

The Fourth International Music Festival in Vladivostok, V-ROX 2016, has just finished and it’s time to recap on what took place. From 19 to 21 August, the Sports Harbour Embankment became a concert space which housed the “Solar” and “Stellar” deck-stages —  the spaceport from where music from a variety of genres virtually poured to the sky.

Around 150 participants from 12 countries arrived in the seaside capital to perform at V-ROX. The motto of the festival was: People / Art / Cosmos. The first day was dedicated to all things cosmic – with the group Zodiac (Latvia), – legends of Soviet synth-pop, centre stage. The second day was devoted to art, and it was the most diverse day – featuring headliners like Burn The Ballroom (USA), Nisvanis (Mongolia) and Joel Sarakula (Australia). The third day was devoted to Far Eastern bands as well as to the winners of the qualifying rounds of the “V-ROX Juniors”. We are glad that the V-Rox audience were happy to brave the rain and came in droves to support their favourite musicians. Every year V-ROX becomes an experiment that gains in strength and momentum.

This year, we particularly want to acknowledge the tremendous support we received from the audience – you are the real heroes! Once again you were exposed to new music and discovered interesting new groups; you collected autographs – and all of this in spite of some very inclement weather. You showed special warmth towards Shtuby (Israel), IX (Netherlands), Laybricks (South Korea), Joel Sarakula (Australia), Burn The Ballroom (USA), Residence A and Dream Spirit from China, as well as to many other members of the V-ROX lineup.

The festival audience this year numbered around 50 thousand people – with the heavy rain on Day 3 only putting a small dent in attendance numbers. Thanks to the Internet broadcast, the “V-Rox Space Odyssey» was seen by audiences all over Russia as well as by audiences in many other countries around the globe.

Ilya Lagutenko, curator of the V-ROX festival: «The most important thing is that the V-ROX team is now being supplemented by local enthusiasts who give us great support – and not only in technical aspects. Together, we have managed to establish a dialogue with the V-ROX audience that enables us to not only push out the boundaries when choosing the artists, but also to include more activities in the programme. At times it increased the number of club sites wishing to participate in the festival. We got stages for the Far Eastern musicians and juniors. I am very grateful to all the like-minded people who dedicated their time and effort towards the organisation of the festival, and to all the spectators who shared this weekend with us».

Within the three days of V-ROX there was also a film programme, as well as educational and sports programmes. In conjunction with the cross-country club – RDR, delegates at the festival were able to participate in the musical race «Run, V-ROX, run!». Citizens and guests of Vladivostok were also able to learn about a host of diverse topics such as the fortunes of Russian bands in China, about the profession of music production and the state of the Western music market. Visitors also saw the premiere of the phantasmagoria «SOS sailor!» and an exhibition of Aboriginal art. The opportunity to attend the yoga course “Strength and Balance”, and to receive training in beach rugby and volleyball were also on offer. The Food Square and V-ROX market were located near to the main events.

V-ROX says a big thank you to all our partners who helped this year’s festival take place – the Vladivostok Administration, the Azimut hotel chains, network of “Illusion” cinema, VVO Projects network of clubs and restaurants, music conference Colisium, the Embassies of Australia, France and Israel, the US Consulate General in Vladivostok, Primorsky museum of Arsenyev, the company “Rostelecom” and club sites – «Mumiy Troll Music Bar», Paulaner Bräuhaus, «Druzhba», Ra, Ozzy Bar and «Contraband”.

We also thank our media partners – “MTV Russia”, TASS, media project about the Russian Far East – DV.Land, media holding and Primamedia.Today project and radio “Vladivostok FM,” the magazine “Welcome Vladivostok” and music channel “Prim24 “.

We would like to remind you that you can see all the pictures from V-ROX 2016 in the official festival group at “VKontakte” and in the TASS photobank.

See you in August 2017 in Vladivostok! WE V-ROX YOU!

Photo: Vasilisa Vakilova, Catherine Samsara, Dmitri Efremov, Sergey Orlov