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The sport program of V-ROX: From yoga and musical race to cheerleading and beach rugby

August 16, 17:19
Пляжное регби

This year the sport festival will take place on the Sports Harbor Embankment for the first time within the V-ROX festival. On August 19 at 10:00 it will start with the musical race «Run, V-ROX, run!» and will continue with Feliks Pak’s yoga course «Strength and Balance». On August 20-21 the festival’s guests and audience will see cheerleaders’ acrobatics and dancing groups’ performances, will participate in a beach training in rugby and in volleyball competitions, will assess strength and endurance of crossfitters.

August 19 (Friday)

Start at the Fish market (Sports Harbor Embankment)

10:00 Musical race «Run, V-ROX, run!». Held together with the running club RDR, within the supporting of the First Vladivostok international marathon. Details

Wood planking near the big fountain (Sports Harbor Embankment)

11:00-13:00 Yoga program «Strength and Balance» from the leader of the yoga club «Aquarian Age» Feliks Pak. The peace of mind under the high load is the peculiarity of the methods «Strength and Balance». The course consists of strength building dynamic exercises, static asanas, complexes of pranayamas and energetic kriyas. You need a mat, loose clothes for exercises and water, a pen and a notebook at your pleasure.More about the course

August 20 (Saturday)

The sand beach near the Fish market (Sports Harbor Embankment)

12:00 Start of the sport program
12:15 Сheerleading
12:30 Open training in beach rugby
13:15 Performances of dancing groups
13:30 Beach volleyball
16:00 Crossfit
16:40 Сheerleading
17:00 Contest from the Vladivostok rugby club «Manchjur»
17:20 Beach volleyball
18:00 Beach rugby
19:00 Finish of the first day of the sport program

August 21 (Sunday)

The sand beach near the Fish market (Sports Harbor Embankment)

12:00 Start of the sport program of the second day
12:30 Beach rugby
13:15 Сheerleading
13:30 Beach volleyball
14:30 Performances of dancing groups
16:00 Crossfit
16:40 Performances of the Federation of cheerleading Primorsky Krai
17:00 Contest of volleyball players from the club VL.Volley
17:20 Performances of dancing groups
18:00 Beach rugby
19:00 Finish of the second day of the sport program