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The festival is spreading on the globe! V-ROX Showcase Mongolia successfully took place in Ulaanbaatar

August 14, 08:25
V- ROX ShowCase Mongolia3

In the beginning of August V-ROX gained new fans in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia saw the first V-ROX Showcase Mongolia. The organizers of the event Anima Mundi Entertainment introduced V-ROX to the Mongolian musical scene, fans and bands.

The best Mongolian bands Mohanik and The Colors, had already played in Vladivostok, performed at V-ROX Showcase Mongolia. Their live concerts are accompanied by pictures and videos from the previous trip to Primorye’s capital. The Lemons also introduced their music, the band Nisvanis — the headliner of V-ROX 2016 — also played their hits.

Thanks to V-ROX Showcase Mongolia’s success, the main festival of the free port gained new fans. In the nearest future not only the Mongolian bands, but the tourists and music lovers from Mongolia will come to V-ROX.