The biggest festival in the free port of Vladivostok
to V-ROX 2018
на V-ROX 2017

The original souvenirs of Vladivostok and the festival will be available at the V-ROX market

August 17, 12:17
Маркет V-ROX

During the V-ROX festival the thematic market CreativeSpot will appear opposite to the main scenes, it will contain goods of creative people and companies of Vladivostok. Here you will be able to buy souvenirs, attributes of bands-participants and various decoration ornaments of the V-ROX theme. The market awaits for you through the whole festival, from the 19th to the 21st of August.

CreativeSpot offers:

• the brand «Море»’s limited series of T-shirts with prints, created with works of artists and photographers from Vladivostok;
• «Мануфактура»’s gift and post envelopes, handmade cards and prints with sights of Vladivostok;
• LOARAtoy’s handmade toys, full of the sea spirit: an entire collection of Far Eastern Squids and traditional Pet Seaguls;
• Ilya Semchenko’s T-shirts (GRACON studio), the only one of their kind symbols of the beloved city, drawn with soul and printed on qualitative cotton;
• the brand «Тайга внутри»’s taiga syrops, the freshest honey of northern bees, tasty and health-giving willowherb, pine-cone confiture;
• and many other things.

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