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Run, V-ROX, Run! The most musical race in Vladivostok

August 13, 11:35
RDR Vladivostok

The first chord in preparation for the first ever International Vladivostok marathon will «sound» on August 19 at 10:00 on the Sports Harbour Embankment — in cooperation with RDR Running Club everybody is welcome to take part in the musical race of V-ROX!

Cooperation between sport club and representatives of rock music is not a coincidence , but extremely relevant. The race organizers from both sides are pursuing the same aim, promoting healthy living. Artists from different countries will be supporting the Vladivostok marathon and also take part in the short run with V-ROX music playing along the famous city embankment of Vladivostok.

The starting point will be set near the Fish market right by the main stage of the festival, the route will take runners up to the big central fountain and back, supporting healthy living.